Living on a boat is a fantastic lifestyle We miss it very much.
We lived on our boat Pacific Pelican for around 9 years and only reluctantly sold it recently due to financial presures.

Now we are dedicating this web site to providing information to those contemplating this style of sea change

The vast experience we have gained in the marine world has been both an enjoyable but at sometimes stressful experience.
Many of the pit falls and financial stresses could have been avoided with a little knowledge so we hope that you will be able to learn from our experience and that of the many contributors we hope to have here-most of whom are or have been living on their own boats and cruising a the east coast of Australia so over the next few months we will be posting as much information as we can muster to help you enjoy your sea change and to warn you of some of the pitfalls that detract from the fun.
Our 9 years on Pacific Pelican ended up costing us a small fortune  BUT we would not have missed it for quid's.
There is a strong possibility that sometime in the next couple of years that we will get a replacement boat, As i said before the lifestyle is addictive and we had so much fun meeting so many new friends as we traveled around.
Making the Sea Change to Living on a Boat
Many people dream about selling up the house and heading for the Sea to live on a boat. Its called a Sea Change.
But most never do convert their dream in to reality. There are many reasons for this not least of all it takes 2 to agree on this course of action and many wives and or husbands - partners may like the sound of the dream but not have the same commitment to it. For most people it would be necessary to sell up the family home in order to finance the project and that its self is a major decision not to be taken lightly. After spending a life time building up and paying off your major asset is scary to say the least and not for the faint hearted.
Then of course there is the BIG Decision as to what sort of boat ? Will it have sails ? Should we get a catamaran ? how many engines is best ? How big should it be ? what equipment will we need ?

Some however do make it and a few end up living for many may years in this unique and different life style.
Once you start it definitely becomes addictive we have met sailors who say "we started out to have 2 years on the boat"  and you ask when was that? The answer is often a couple of decades ago. We met a couple from England who are in their 70s and they told us they had been 19 years on a 30ft sailing boat. I said how had it been and the lady replied well we had 5 years around Europe 7 years around the States 4 in the pacific islands 2 in New Zealand and here we are now in Australia. She said the time had flown by

The story of Life on MV Pacific Pelican a 50ft  Motor Boat